[NotiAMCA] Invitation from J. Zarka

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni@intec.unl.edu.ar
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:51:47 -0300

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends

I recall the invitations to participate and the calls for papers to these
following sessions/workshops.

Please note that they are dedicated for researchers and engineers who want
to know what is available,  who want to show their performances and who want
to know how to integrate these new tools into their researches and designs
in order to improve the reability of the structures while reducing their

1. Optimal Design of Bolted Joints


A special session on "Optimal Design of Bolted Joints" will be organized
during the third M.I.T. conference on Computational Fluid and Solid
Mechanics, June 14 - 17, 2005 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139 U.S.A. M.I.T. Conference
Although they appear to be quite simple, bolted assemblies pose several
challenges to the design office; it is usually an iterative process even if
now there are some steps which are commonly undertaken. We need to define
what the joint is designed to do, environmental conditions, cost targets,
size and operating parameters, desired life, critical nature, potential
failure modes and any other factors involved in the purpose of the joint.
Estimating service loads is also a difficult, but very important step,
especially in critical joints. The static and dynamic loads to be considered
must include thermal affects , weight, pressure, shock ..
Moreover several bolts have often to be preloaded in the same joint. There
are several ways to apply this preload (torque, tensioner, heating ..).
While joint design continues to become a more exact science there is not yet
a fail-safe method. The purpose of this special session within the Third
M.I.T. Conference is to provide the actual general view of the state-of-the
art and to describe the tendancies of this important assembly.

You are invited to send papers.
The abstracts and the papers must follow the requirements given in the web
site of M.I.T. Conference

2. And more particularly to the workshop that is organized during the next
SMiRT 18 in Beijing August 7-12, 2005 at the Tsinghua University.
Its multi-disciplinary objectives will be to show how to modify the actual
methods in the design and survey of structures to improve the safety and
reliability of the structures while taking into account their cost (High
Quality/Low Cost Materials and Structures).
You are invited to submit an abstract and/or a proposal to organize a
technical session/workshop. The abstracts will be written in English in the
form of plain text and with 600-800 words in length prior to March 1, 2005;
they will contain sufficient details to explain the problem or issue being
addressed, the technical approach used or research program undertaken, and
the results obtained.

See all details in


or one the SMiRT web site www.smirt.org

During this workshop the prize INTELLIGENT OPTIMAL DESIGN PRIZE will be
awarded .

With the support of some companies, CADLM has just established the
INTELLIGENT OPTIMAL DESIGN Prize to honour young researchers of outstanding
merit in this field. The Prize, will consist of a medal and a cash prize of
2 000 US $. The prize winner will be asked to present his paper in a one
hour General Lecture. See here for details.
The prize is sponsorized by EDF Direction Asie Pacifique, Nuclear Service of
the french Embassy in China, INET of the Tsinghua University and CADLM.
I sincerely hope that you and your coworkers may participate as I managed
with Prof Suyan Yu, Chairman of the SMiRT, to get a very reduced
registration fee to the SMiRT for the participants to my workshop (contact
me for more details) .

I look forward to your submission of papers and to your canditature and from
your colleagues/coworkers !

Best regards

Sincerely yours

Prof Joseph Zarka

PS   My advance apologies for multiple copies of this announcement.

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