[NotiAMCA] Waves 2005: Ocean Waves Measurement and Analysis

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni@intec.unl.edu.ar
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:46:44 -0300

Desde: 03-07-2005
Hasta: 07-07-2005
Lugar: Madrid, Espana

Fifth International Symposium on Ocean Wave Measurement
and Analysis


Join us in Madrid, Spain, 3rd-7th July 2005 for WAVES 2005, the Fifth
International Symposium
on Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis. WAVES 2005 offers a special
opportunity for professionals,
researchers, managers, and those with interest in coastal and ocean wave
measurement and
analysis to meet, exchange information, present views, and share case
studies that will promote
communication and technology transfer, improve design, wave climate
statistics, theoretical
hydrodynamics, and practical solutions to many coastal challenges.
WAVES 2005 is the first in the series of successful specialized conferences
on ocean wave measurement
to be held outside of the United States. The previous symposium was held in
San Francisco in
2001. and the First International Symposium on Waves was held in New Orleans
in 1974. Proceedings
from the series of WAVES symposia are frequently cited references in the
WAVES 2005 is being organized by CEDEX with the support of the Coasts,
Oceans, Ports &
Rivers Institute (COPRI) of ASCE to include both offshore and coastal
interests in wave measurement
and analysis, as well as applications and wave studies. CEDEX has devoted a
amount of energy for preparation of this event and COPRI is very excited
about this type of international
Thanks to national contributions, considerable progress is being made to
establish an operational, sustained,
and integrated Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). Sustained operational
networks providing
wave data in real time to a wide variety of users are especially important
to national networks.
WAVES 2005 offers an excellent opportunity to exchange information and
lessons learned in
the creation of these operational networks and to review the progress
towards GOOS.
More than 220 oral presentations, along 4 parallel sessions, and 30 posters
as well as two exhibits,
one short course, and other events, will surely give Symposium participants
excellent opportunities
to network with colleagues and exchange different points of view about
Symposium topics.
Before the Symposium concludes, a Technical Tour will take you along the
Basque Country Coast to
visit several important and interesting coastal sites that were studied and
developed by the outstanding
coastal engineer - Iribarren, and providing an opportunity to visit the
famous Guggenheim Museum
of Bilbao.
Join us for WAVES 2005 to take part in a confluence of ideas that will
improve your projects, career,
and business, and, ultimately, help advance the field of wave measurement
and analysis. Bring your
family and friends with you to participate in our Accompanying Persons
Program and join us in capturing
the many charms of Spain!

Billy L. Edge
Department of Civil Engineering. Texas A&M University

J. Michael Hemsley
Deputy Director for Coastal Operations Ocean. US

Manuel L. Martín Antón
Director General of CEDEX,
Ministry of Development.
President of the Local
Organizing Committee
Waves 2005


Original papers are invited to be presented on the following subjects:
Wave measurement and analysis:
Direct measurement systems. Direct remote measurement. Radar. Analysis
methods. Wave
measurement networks. Wave data bases.
Wave description models:
Statistical wave description. Extremal wave statistics. Hurricane waves.
Freak waves and their
effect on ships.
Long waves:
Characteristics of the infragravity waves. Oscillations in harbors and
semi-enclosed areas.
Mechanisms of long period waves generation.
Shallow water waves:
Currents generated by waves. Waves in breaking zones. Run-up. Flooding.
interaction. Effects on coastal structures.
Floods and catastrophic effects:
Effects on the coast. Damages to the maritime zone.
Physical wave models of wave generation:
Generation systems. Wave measurement and analysis in the laboratory.Wave
reflection. Long
wave problems Problems with long waves in models.
Numerical wave models:
Wave prediction. Wave propagation. New technologies for wave modelling.
Numerical wave tanks.
Relevant collaboration projects:
Projects on global scale. National wave networks. Operational oceanographic
Authors will have to declare a classification for the main topic of the
paper, according to the
specific themes listed above.
The authors should indicate their preference for an oral or poster


31st October 2004 Deadline for abstracts submission.
1st March 2005 Notification of acceptance of abstracts to the authors.
1st May 2005 Deadline for submission of full texts of accepted abstracts on
the website.
31st May 2005 Deadline for registration to the symposium of authors with
abstracts accepted.

e-mail: waves2005@tilesa.es