[NotiAMCA] CFP Invited Session ENIEF 2004

Victorio E. Sonzogni sonzogni@intec.unl.edu.ar
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 11:13:20 -0300


"Research on Computational Mechanics of Solids 
and Structures in the Industry"

Pablo D. Zavattieri, GM Research & Development, Warren, MI, USA

The  development of computational tools for modeling material
behavior  under  extreme loading and environmental conditions has become an
important  topic  in the industry. The need to shorten product-design cycle
has  forced  the  R&D  community  to  invest  more resources in the area of
computational  mechanics. However, to take the state-of-the-art of material
modeling  to the point at which engineers can rely on numerical simulations
for  the  different  stages  of  the  product  development process (such as
designing,  optimization, manufacturing and analysis of performance) is not
an  easy  task.  For  instance,  current  phenomenological models are often
simplified approximations to material behavior, and sometimes they are used
well  beyond  their range of applicability. In this session we will include
contributions  to  research  done in the industry and universities directed
towards   the   development,  refinement  and/or  creative  application  of
theories, techniques and numerical tools for the modeling of the mechanical
behavior   of  materials  and  structures  in  applications  of  industrial
interest.  Topics  of  interest  include, but not limited to, the following

     Development and refinement of continuum constitutive theories,
     Large nonlinear deformations and adaptivity,
     Damage, fracture, fatigue and corrosion,
     Material characterization,
     Structural and impact analysis,
     Material and geometrical instabilities,
     Contact, friction and wear.

To be considered for this session, please submit one page abstract (in DOC,
PDF  or plain text format) to Pablo Zavattieri (pablo.zavattieri@gm.com) by
March 31, 2004.

Important dates:

Abstract deadline: March 31 2004
Full paper deadline: August 11 2004
Conference: November 8-11 2004

For further information visit the conference website:
http://www.cab.cnea.gov.ar/enief/ or the session web site

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