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Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en ceride.gov.ar
Lun Oct 3 09:57:42 ART 2005


III European Conference on Computational Mechanics

Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering
ECCM-2006, Lisbon, Portugal, 5-8 June, 2006

Dear Colleague

--- On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I invite you to submit one-page
Abstracts for presentation in the III European Conference on Computational 
Mechanics - Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering 
(ECCM-2006), which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 5-8 June, 2006.

--- The DEADLINE for submission of all ABSTRACTS is: NOVEMBER 14th, 2005.

--- All abstracts, including those of the authors that accepted to present
Invited Lectures or participate in a Mini-Symposium, must be SUBMITTED
ONLINE in the Webpage of our Conference http://www.cssm2006.org

--- Author's instructions and templates are available in the page

--- Access to online submission is done through the page
which is linked to our Conference Management System.

--- In the process of submitting their Abstracts, the Authors must give
their preference on the topics that fit better their contributions. Those
that accepted to present Invited Lectures or to participate in some
Mini-Symposium should choose as their FIRST PREFERENCE the options "Plenary
and Keynote Lectures" or the appropriate "Mini-Symposium", respectively. All
other authors must give their preferences to some of the planned
Mini-symposia or to some of the general Topics of the Conference.

--- The Abstracts will be reviewed by the Organizers of the Mini-Symposia
or by Members of the Scientific Committee. Notification of Acceptance will
be sent on January 16th,  2006.

The lists of the general Topics of the Conference and the planned
Mini-Symposia are given in the end of this message.

We appreciate very much your interest in participating in ECCM-2006.

Please notice that there is small change in the Title of the Conference.
Best Regards,

Prof. Carlos A. Mota Soares, (Co-Chairperson of ECCM-2006)

cssm2006 en dem.ist.utl.pt


List of Conference Topics
A) Computational Methods
B) Computational Solid Mechanics
C) Computational Structural Mechanics
D) Coupled Problems
E) Industrial Applications

List of Mini-Symposia and Organizers
1 Acoustics Structural Interactions "Tadeu, A. (Portugal)"
2 Adaptive Structures "Suleman, A. (Portugal)"
3 Asphalt Mechanics and Pavement Engineering "Lackner, Roman (USA), Blab,
Ronald (Austria)"
4 Biomechanical Simulations "Eriksson, A. (Sweden)"
5 Biomechanics "Rodrigues, H. (Portugal)"
6 Boundary Elements "Leitão, V. (Portugal)"
7 Bridge Engineering "Branco, F. (Portugal)"
8 Composite Modelling "Reddy, J. N. (USA), Mota Soares, C.M. (Portugal),
Benjeddou, A. (France)"
9 Computational Failure Mechanics for Geomaterials "Borja, R. (USA),
Montáns, F. (Spain), Tamagnini, C. (Italy)"
10 Computational Fracture Mechanics "Leung, A. (China)"
11 Computational Mathematics "Stenberg, R. (Finland), Figueiredo, I.
12 Computational Methods for Anisotropic Material Behaviour at Large Strains
"Sansour, C. (UK)"
13 Computational Modelling of Masonry Structures "Lourenço, P. (Portugal)"
14 Computational Stochastic Failure Mechanics "Gutierrez, M. A.
15 Computational Stochastic Structural and Uncertainty Analysis "Schueller,
G. (Austria)"
16 Contact Mechanics "Martins, J. (Portugal)"
17 Continnum models for nano-structures "Kompis, V. (Slovakia)"
18 Coupling Problems "Schrefler, B. (Italy)"
19 Damage "Alfaiate, J. (Portugal)"
20 Design Optimization Under Uncertainty "Choi, K. K. (USA)"
21 "Differential Quadrature, Generalized Methods and Related Discrete
Element Analysis Methods" "Chen, C. (Taiwan)"
22 Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering Science
"Yuan, M. (China)"
23 Enriched and Enhanced Finite Element Technology "Areias, P. (USA)"
24 Error Analysis and Adaptivity "Wiberg, N. E. (Sweden), Moitinho de
Almeida, J. (Portugal), Diez, P.(Spain)"
25 Evolutionary Methods for Design "Periaux, J. (France)"
26 Fast Boundary Element Methods for Solids and Structures "Duddeck, F.
(Germany), Steinbach,  O (Austria)"
27 Fluid-Structure Interactions Idelsohn S. (Argentina)
28 Fracture and Fatigue Mechanics "Karihaloo, B. (UK)"
29 Genetic Algorithms "António, C. (Portugal)"
30 Historical Structures "Vieira de Lemos, J. (Portugal)"
31 Impact and Control "Holnicki-Szulc, J. (Poland)"
32 Incorrect Contact of Screw Surfaces and its Consequences "Svigler,
Jaromir (Czech Republic)"
33 Intelligent Computing in Solid and Structural Mechanics "Burczynski, T.
34 Intelligent Optimization "Sousa, J. C. (Portugal)"
35 Interrelation of Numerical and Asymptotical Approaches in Solid and
Structural Mechanics "Manevitch, L. (Russia), Lamarque, C. H. (France)"
36 Inverse Engineering "Dulikravich, G. S. (USA), Orlande, H. (Brasil)"
37 Large Scale Shape and Topology Optimization "Pedersen, P. (Denmark),
Bendsoe, M. (Denmark), Sigmund O (Denmark)"
38 Liquid Composite Molding-Numerical Simulations and Applications
"Dimitrovova, Z. (Portugal)"
39 Material Models for Composites at Different Length Scales "Rolfes, R.
40 Meshless Methods "Alves, C. (Portugal)"
41 Metal Forming "Cesar Sá, J. (Portugal), Pietrzyk, M. (Poland)"
42 Modeling in Mechanobiology "Lekszycki, Tomasz (Poland)"
43 Modelling of Functionally graded materials and structures "Batra, R.
(USA), Ferreira, A. (Portugal)"
44 Multibody Dynamics "Ambrósio, J. (Portugal)"
45 Multiphysics Modelling in Geomechanics "Borja, R. I. (USA), Montáns, F.J.
(Spain), Tamagnini, C. (Italy)"
46 Multiscale Mechanics of biological materials and other natural composites
"Hellmich, C. (Austria)"
47 Multiscale Method for Structural Non-Linear and Dynamic Problems "Allix,
O (France), Rey, C. (France)"
48 Neural Networks and Soft Computing in Solid and Structural Mechanics
"Waszczyszyn, Z. (Poland)"
49 Nonlinear Dynamics of Moving Structures "Zahariev, E. (Bulgaria), Mayo
Nunez, J. Spain)"
50 Non-Linear Vibration of Structures "Ribeiro, P. (Portugal)"
51 Optimization and Robust Design for Industrial-sized Problems "Bletzinger,
K. U. (Germany), Duddeck, F. (Germany), Meyer M. (Germany)"
52 Optimization Methods "Judice, J. J. (Portugal)"
53 Optimization of Metal Forming "Batoz, J. L. (France)"
54 Properties of Wet Granular Materials "Blaszczuk, J. (Poland)"
55 Reliability "Melchers, R. E. (Australia)"
56 Shape and Topological Sensitivity Analysis: Theory and Applications
"Feijóo, R. (Brazil), Taroco, E. (Brazil)"
57 Shell and Spatial Structures "Ramm, E. (Germany)"
58 Simulation of Non-Gaussin Stochastic Processes Fields with Applications
to Structural Engineering Problems "Papadrakakis, M. (Greece)"
59 Soft Tissue "Jorge, R. (Portugal)"
60 Stability and Non-Linear Behaviour of Thin-Walled Members and Structures
"Camotim, D. (Portugal)"
61 Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization "Herskovits, J. (Brazil)"
62 Structural Dynamics "Azevedo, J. (Portugal)"
63 Structural Health Monitoring "Ostachowicz, Wieslaw (Poland)"
64 System Identification and Finite Element Updating "Cunha, A. (Portugal)"
65 Temperature and time dependent effects in steel and concrete structures
"Silva, L. S. (Portugal), Júlio, E. (Portugal)"
66 Vehicle Dymanics "Schiehlen, W. (Germany)"
67 Vibroaccoustics "Ohayon R. (France)"

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