[NotiAMCA] Invitation to WCCM, Los Angeles, July 16-22, 2006

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en ceride.gov.ar
Mie Sep 14 08:23:51 ART 2005

Dear Colleagues,

The next World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM VII) will take
place in Los Angeles from July 16 to 22, 2006.

During this conference, we are organizing a mini symposium entitled:

*Constitutive modeling of materials submitted to large strains and large
strain-rates. Application to impact and material forming processes.*

In view of your research activities and acknowledged reputation in this
field, we have the pleasure to invite you to deliver an invited paper in
our mini symposium. We would be very glad if you could accept this
invitation. The topics of the symposium are briefly described in the
following abstract.

Your abstract should be submitted through the website of the Conference
http://www.wccm2006.northwestern.edu/ at your earliest convenience, but
before *November 15, 2005** */(/click on/ Minisymposia/Abstract
Submission Form)./
/ /
We look forward to meeting you there,

J.P. Ponthot           D.Celentano              C. Garcia-Garino

JP.Ponthot en ulg.ac.be <mailto:JP.Ponthot en ulg.ac.be>
dcelenta en lauca.usach.cl <mailto:dcelenta en lauca.usach.cl>
cgg en uncu.edu.ar <mailto:cgg en uncu.edu.ar>

University of Liège                   Univ. of Santiago de Chile
University de Cuyo


During the past four decades, the research efforts of investigating the
mechanical or thermo-mechanical response behavior of engineering
materials, under various types of loading, have been ultimately
significant. The interpretation and applications of mechanical response
data have stimulated powerful advances both in research interest and in
engineering practice. In this context, widespread research work on the
subject has established well-profound concepts, principles and results.

 However, when dealing with large strains, large strain-rates and/or
thermo-mechanical coupling many questions are still open and the field
is still under constant evolution. Advances in such a field demand a
closer interaction between material scientists and numerical analysts in
order to produce theoretical models which provide a response relevant to
the fundamental principles and experimental observations.

 This mini-symposium aims at bringing together, engineers, researchers
and scientists to discuss their latest developments in this rapidly
advancing field.

We will consider contributions addressing the theoretical basis for the
solution of generalized plasticity (i.e. including plasticity,
visco-plasticity, visco-elasticity as well as non linear elasticity)
problems, numerical algorithms necessary for efficient and robust
computer implementation, as well as computational mechanics applied to
the physical interpretation of experimental results.


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