[NotiAMCA] Call for Nominations for IACM Awards 2006

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Call for Nominations for
IACM Awards 2006

The International Association for Computational Mechanics announces
the following awards to recognize outstanding contributions in computational

One IACM Congress Medal (Gauss-Newton Medal).
This is the highest award given by IACM.  It honors individuals who have 
outstanding, sustained contributions in the field of computational mechanics
generally over periods representing substantial portions of their 
professional careers.
The medal is bronze and carries the images of Newton and Gauss in 
of the synergy between mathematics, numerical analysis, and mathematical
modeling of physical events that underpin much of the broad field of 

One IACM Award
will be given in recognition of outstanding and sustained contributions to 
broad field of computational mechanics.  These contributions shall generally
be in the form of important research results which significantly advance the
understanding of theories and methods impacting computational mechanics,
but special individual contributions in leadership and administration, 
applications, and engineering analysis that advance computational mechanics
shall also represent accomplishments worthy of recognition.

Two Computational Mechanics Awards
will be given for contributions to traditional areas, such as computational
structural mechanics and computational fluid dynamics, but may also be
given to recognize contributions outside these specific areas.  For example,
the Award may be given in recognition of accomplishments in software
development, scientific computing, research contributions in computational
electromagnetics, semi-conductor device simulation, biomechanics or other
areas not traditionally embraced by computational structural mechanics and
fluid dynamics but which have general applicability to computational 

One IACM Award for Young Investigators in Computational Mechanics
will be given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments, particularly
outstanding published papers, by researchers 40 or younger.  Eligibility
requires that the nominee not turn 41 in the year the award is presented.

Eight IACM Fellow Awards
will be given to individuals with a distinguished record of research, 
and publication in areas of computational mechanics and demonstrated support
of the IACM through membership and participation in the Association, its
meetings and activities.

General guidelines and features of the awards are listed as follows:

All recipients shall be members in good standing of the International 
for Computational Mechanics (www.iacm.info)

Awards delivery.
The awards will be given at the World Congress in Los Angeles, California, 
July 16-22, 2006.

The IACM Awards Committee, appointed by the Executive Council, solicits
nominations from the IACM Membership.  Nominators may nominate no more than
one individual for each of the awards, with the exception of the Fellows 
Award in
which case two individuals may be nominated.  Self-nominations are not 
Nominators are invited to submit a one-page maximum combined nominating 
in support of the nominee.  The Awards Committee shall select candidate 
winners of
each award and provide its recommendations of recipients to the IACM 
Council, which shall select the awardees.

The Awards Committee consists of twenty-eight appointees and the most recent
winners of each award.  The past awardees not among the twenty-eight 
appointees are
eligible to vote only for the awards which they received, with the exception 
of the
Fellows Award.  It is the responsibility of the Awards Committee to make all 
for the selection and presentation of the awards to awardees at the IACM 
If a member of the Awards Committee is nominated for an award that member is
ineligible to vote for that award and is otherwise removed entirely from the 
of that award.

Call for Nominations.
All members of IACM in good standing are invited to submit nominations to 
Awards Committee Chairman:
Professor Thomas J.R. Hughes,
The University of Texas at Austin, ICES,
201 East 24th Street, 1 University Station
C0200, Austin, TX 78712-0027,
hughes en ices.utexas.edu.

The deadline for nominations is April 15, 2006.


Archive of IACM Awards

Congress Medal (Gauss-Newton Award):

1986 R. W. Clough
1990 J. H. Argyris
1991 R. H. Gallagher, O. C. Zienkiewicz
1994 J. T. Oden
1998 T. J. R. Hughes, E. Stein
2002 T. Belytschko, R. L. Taylor
2004 F. Brezzi, D. R. J. Owen

IACM Award:

1998 T. Kawai, E. Oñate, A. Samuelsson
2002 H. Mang, S. Idelsohn, S. Valliappan
2004 Y. K. Cheung, R. Ohayon

Young Investigator Award:

1998 C. Farhat, J. Peraire
2002 F. Armero, C. A. Taylor
2004 R. Codina, T.Furukawa, K. Jansen

Computational Mechanics Award:

 1998  Belytschko, R. de Borst, K. Morgan, R. L. Taylor, T. Tezduyar
2002 C. Farhat, R. Lewis, W. K. Liu, M. Ortiz, D. R. J. Owen, E. Ramm,  B. 
2004  P. Ladevèze, G. Yagawa



1. E. Arantes e Oliviera
2. J. H. Argyris
3. S. Atluri
4. T. Belytschko
5. N. Bicanic
6. G. Carey
7. Y. K. Cheung
8. R. Dautray
9. E. Dvorkin
10. C. Felippa
11. M. Geradin
12. E. Hinton
13. T. J. R. Hughes
14. S. Idelsohn
15. M. Kawahara
16. T. Kawai
17. M. Klieber
18. B. Kroplin
19. H. Liebowitz
20.  W.K. Liu
21. G. Maier
22. H. Mang
23. J.T. Oden
24. R. Ohayon
25. E. Oñate
26. D. R. J. Owen
27. J. Periaux
28. J.N. Reddy
29. A. Samuelsson
30. B. Schrefler
31. M. Shepherd
32. E. Stein
33. G. Strang
34. R.L. Taylor
35. S. Valliappan
36. N.-E. Wiberg
37. W. Wunderlich
38. G. Yagawa
39. W. Zhong
40. O.C. Zienkiewicz


1. Babuska
2. J. Baker
3. F. Brezzi
4. M. Casteleiro
5. C.K. Choi
6. R. de Borst
7. L. Demkowicz
8. C. Farhat
9. J. Fish
10. L.P. Franca
11. R. Haber
12. Huerta
13. N. Kikuchi
14. P. Ladevèze
15. R. Lewis
16. M. Morandi-Cecchi
17. C. Mota-Soares
18. P. Pinsky
19. J. Oliver
20. M. Papadrakakis
21. E. Ramm
22. F. Rammerstorfer
23. T.E. Tezduyar
24. E.L. Wilson
25. P. Wriggers


1. F. Armero
2. I. Harari
3. G. Hulbert
4. P. Le Tallec
5. H. G. Matthies
6. K. Morgan
7. J. Peraire
8. D. Peric
9. O. Pironneau
10. A. Quarteroni
11. M. Wheeler
12. M. Yuan

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