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Cc: Regina Augusta Campos Sampaio :; Katia Cilene
Assunto: Novo Minisimpósio Interação Fluido-Estrutura - Cilamce2006

Prezado(a) Pesquisador(a)

O comitê organizador do XXVII CILAMCE - Iberian Latin American Congress on 
Computational Methods in Engineering, a ser realizado em Belém-PA, entre os 
dias 03 e 06 de Setembro de 2006, gostaria de divulgar a realização de um 
novo Mini-simpósio, denominado "Fluid-Structure Interaction", e convidá-lo 
para participação neste evento.

A data limite inicial para submissão de resumos para o evento era o dia 06 
de fevereiro de 2006. Entretanto, devido a problemas com o servidor 
responsável pelo recebimento dos resumos, e atendendo a pedidos de vários 
autores, o prazo final para envio de resumos foi prorrogado até o dia 13 de 
março de 2006.

Solicitamos encarecidamente a V.Sa, que encaminhe esta mensagem a todos os 
demais colegas possivelmente interessados no Cilamce2006, e em especial, no 
novo Mini-simpósio "Fluid-Structure Interaction".

Gratos pela colaboração.

Saudações Cordiais,

Regina Augusta Campos Sampaio e Remo Magalhães de Souza
Coordenadores do XXVII CILAMCE

Campus Universitário do Guamá, Edifício do Centro Tecnológico, salas 232 e 
Av. Augusto Corrêa, n. 1, Belém-Pa, BRAZIL CEP: 66075-900
Fone/Fax: +55(91) 3201-8133,  9614-7405
e-mail: cilamce2006 en ufpa.br url: http://www.ufpa.br/cilamce2006


27th CILAMCE -  Iberian Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in 

Call for Abstracts

On behalf of the Brazilian Association of Computational Methods in 
Engineering (ABMEC) and the Iberian Latin American Association for 
Computational Methods in Engineering (AMC), we  are pleased to announce the 
27th Cilamce - Iberian Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in 
Engineering, to be held during September 3-6, 2006 at the Hilton Hotel, in 
the historical city of Belém-Pará, Brazil. The event will be hosted by the 
Graduate Program in Civil Engineering of Federal University of Pará.

Belém is located in the Guajará bay, in the delta of the Amazon River, close 
to "Ilha do Marajó", the largest fluvial island in the world. Belém prides 
itself on being the gateway to the Amazon Region and the cultural and 
commercial center of Northern Brazil. It grew substantially in size and 
importance during the nineteenth century rubber boom, and is now a large 
city with two million inhabitants. While the newer part of the city contains 
many modern buildings and skyscrapers, the colonial section still retains 
the charm of ancient churches and other historical buildings with their 
traditional Portuguese blue tiles. Belém has beautiful public squares and 
many mango-tree lined streets, and, for this reason, it is also known as 
"Cidade das Mangueiras" (City of Mango Trees).

Conference History
The conference has its origins in a meeting for Civil Engineers held in Rio 
de Janeiro in 1977. In the following year it was repeated in São Paulo. In 
1979, the scope of the conference was broadened, in Porto Alegre, to include 
a wide range of engineering applications, leading to the present name of the 
conference. At the same time, the AMC was created. Since then, the 
conference has grown even further in both scope and audience, and it now 
ranks as one of the most important conferences on its field of activity in 
the Iberian Latin American Community.

Throughout the years, the conference has played an increasingly vital role 
in providing an international forum for discussion and dissemination of 
scientific and technical knowledge related to the use of computer technology 
in the solution of engineering problems. The last editions of the conference 
were held in Giulianova/Italy (2002), Ouro Preto/Brazil (2003), 
Recife/Brazil (2004), and Guarapari/Brazil (2005).

Scientific Program
Cilamce 2006, the 27th Cilamce conference, will maintain the tradition, 
established by the previous editions, of providing a general forum for 
enhancing interdisciplinary interactions, and collaborations among all 
researchers, students and professionals interested in the application of 
computational methods to engineering.

The scientific program of the Congress consists of invited plenary lectures, 
invited mini-symposia keynote lectures by respected experts, contributed 
oral presentations, and poster presentations by undergraduate students. The 
keynote lectures and the oral presentations will be grouped in the following 
Minisymposia, covering a vast range of multidisciplinary subjects on 
computational methods in engineering and applied sciences:

- Advanced Analysis in Steel and Composite Structures
- Advanced Turbulence Modeling for Industrial CFD
- Analysis and Design of Offshore Structures and Pipelines
- Beams, Plates, Shells and Solid Structures
- Biomechanics
- Boundary element methods
- Computational Fluid Dynamics
- Computational Geomechanics and Geophysics
- Computational Mechanics of Advanced Materials
- Concrete Structures
- Fluid Structure Interaction (new!)
- Environmental Flows
- High Performance Computing
- Identification of Structures
- Mesh Generation and Adaptivity
- Nonlinear Analysis, Stability and Structural Dynamics
- Numerical Methods: Formulation and Analysis
- Numerical Methods in Acoustics and Mechanical Vibrations
- Numerical Methods in Electricity and Electromagnetism
- Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Thermal Systems
- Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Transportation Systems
- Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Dynamic Coupled Problems
- Numerical Simulations in Chemical Engineering
- Object Oriented Systems
- Plasticity, Damage, Fracture and Fatigue
- Research Beginners on Computational Methods in Engineering
- Reservoir Simulation
- Soft Computing and Data Modeling
- Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
- Structural Reliability

Call for Papers
One page abstracts are invited by March 13th, 2006. The abstract must 
contain: Title, authors, addresses, corresponding author´s e-mail and the 
name of the associated minisymposium.

To send an abstract, please access the conference web-site at MailScanner 
detectou uma possível tentativa de fraude de "www.cultura.ufpa.br" 
http://www.ufpa.br/cilamce2006, click on "Instruction for authors" on the 
main menu, and follow the instructions.

The official languages of the conference are English, Spanish, Portuguese 
and Italian. Papers and presentations in any official language are welcome. 
No simultaneous translations will be provided. Authors are encouraged to 
write and present their papers in English.

Important Dates

One-page abstract submission deadline: March, 13th, 2006.
Notification of acceptance: March, 27th
Full paper submission deadline: May, 8th
Notification of acceptance: June, 30th
Revised paper submission deadline: August, 7th
Author´s registration deadline: August, 7th
Beginning of the XXVII CILAMCE: September, 3rd, 2006.

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