[NotiAMCA] CISM course on Advances of Soft Computing inEngineering]

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Vie Abr 6 11:30:15 ART 2007

The International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM) Udine, Italy,
will organize among others the following Advanced School:
Advaces of Soft Computing in Engineering
Udine, October 8 - 12, 2007
Coordinated by Zenon Waszczyszyn (Cracow University of Technology, Poland).

Information about the contents of this school and the procedure for
admission can be found here <http://www.cism.it/cism/p2007/annC0710.pdf>.
The above CISM's course information may be of interest to you and/or to
your co-workers and doctoral students.

Thank you for your kind consideration.
Best regards,

Professor Bernhard Schrefler                               Professor
Giulio Maier
Secretary General of CISM                                  Resident
Rector of CISM
CISM is a non-profit institution.

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