[NotiAMCA] IMDEA International Open Call

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Jue Mayo 10 09:55:28 ART 2007

Dear friend and colleague:

The international call for applications by the IMDEA (Instituto Madrileño de 
Estudios Avanzados) in all fields of specialization has just been published, 
in particular for the field of Mathematics, with the aim of appointing 
RESEARCHERS both national and foreign on a temporary and permanent basis, in 
order to develop research in all the areas of mathematics, with special 
emphasis on applied and multi-disciplinary subjects. 

We invite you to visit the website at: 


to see the details on this call for applications, which has also been 
published on-line and in hard copy editions of "Science", "Nature" and "The 

Applications can be completed on-line within 8 weeks as of now.  

We ask you to circulate this news as widely as possible. Please do not 
hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts whatsoever. 

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation.

Enrique Zuazua
enrique.zuazua en uam.es

Manuel de León
Deputy Director
mdleon en imaff.cfmac.cisc.es


IMDEA International Open Call
   for Research Positions

             Application Procedure

Information for candidates for research positions at the Madrid Institute for
                          Advanced Studies (IMDEA)

The Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies (IMDEA) is a network of non-profit
foundations seeking candidates to fill openings at all levels in each one of 
the following
knowledge fields.
   •   Water
   •   Food
   •   Social Sciences
   •   Energy
   •   Mathematics
   •   Materials
   •   Nanotechnology
   •   Networks
   •   Software
The main selection criterion will be the candidate's demonstrated ability and
commitment to research.

Search and selection of candidates for these positions will be coordinated 
directly by the
directors of each foundation and will be performed by an independent advisory 
following the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers

Starting April 27th candidates should log into IMDEA at


select the Institute of their interest and follow the link
to the application form (IMDEA International Open Call for Research 
Candidates must fill-out the application form and attach a copy of their CV. 
electronic applications will be considered at this stage of the selection 

Selection Process

Applications should be sent while the call is open. All applications will be 
first checked
for eligibility, and then they will be reviewed by an independent and diverse 
committee including members from different countries. Whenever possible, a 
range of selection practices will be used, such us external expert assessment 
and face-to
face interviews.
The selection process will take into consideration mainly the candidate’s 
scientific merit
which will be judged qualitatively as well as quantitatively, focusing on 
results within a diversified career path and looking at the whole range of 
experience of
the candidates.
Candidates, who pass the first selection phase, will be contacted directly and 
may be
required to provide appropriate proof and recognition of their qualifications, 
such as
university transcripts or certificates of accomplishment before they are 
called for
In any case all candidates who are eligible will be informed through out the 
process of
their standing.


Senior candidates are eligible for tenured positions. For junior candidates, 
the initial
contract will be for two years, renewable up to two times. Within this 6-year 
period, a
tenure decision will be made on the basis of merit. The above-mentioned 
renewals are
contingent on the candidate's showing satisfactory progress. Junior 
researchers on this
tenure track contracts can apply for tenure review at any point in time during 
the first 6
years. Tenure decisions will depend on the quality of research. Tenure review 
will be
conducted by an internal committee with the support of external peer reviews 
of the
candidate's research work. Clear rules and explicit guideline will be 
established in each


Salaries will be established on an individual basis within a range that 
guarantees fair
and attractive conditions with adequate and equitable social security 
provision in
accordance with existing national Spanish legislation. This includes access to 
excellent public healthcare system.


Full command of English is required.


IMDEA intends to be the new institutional framework for the development of 
science in
the Autonomous Community of Madrid, combining both public and private support,
orienting research towards market demands and encouraging the private sector 
participate in the design of the region’s Scientific System.

Our goal is to consolidate Madrid as a internationally acknowledged scientific 
region by
promoting R&D activities relevant to society. With the help of the Regional
Administration, Companies, Universities and Research Institutions and society 
at large,

IMDEA intends to:
    •   promote R&D activities
    •   develop state of the art and internationally competitive science and 
    •   achieve critical mass in terms of researchers and scientific 
    •   attract and train human capital of excellence
    •   promote collaboration among different scientific disciplines
    •   offer postgraduate studies
    •   train technical and scientific staff
    •   attract companies and create a knowledge-based competitive environment 
        will contribute to Madrid’s and de nation’s welfare

IMDEA is presently structured in 9 centres dealing each one with specific 
    •   Water
    •   Food
    •   Social Sciences
    •   Energy
    •   Mathematics
    •   Materials
    •   Nanotechnology
    •   Networks
    •   Software
For more information visit the webpage of IMDEA at www.imdea.org

About Madrid

SoftGuide Madrid (www.softguide-madrid.com/) is the best On-Line source in 
we are aware of and contains a lot of information on transports, 
culture, entertainment, eating, shopping and local classifieds that can give 
you a fair
idea of life (and its cost) in Madrid. Another very good source in Spanish is 
LaNetro. (http://madrid.lanetro.com/)

Where to live?

The basic choice to be made is: Downtown vs. Suburbs. Madrid has an ample 
offer of
both types of accommodations (both for rent and for sale). Since quality of 
and houses is far from being uniform, dedicating effort to search typically 
pays off.

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