[NotiAMCA] Call for Nominations for the IACM Awards 2008

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Vie Oct 5 19:04:03 ART 2007

The membership of IACM (International Association for Computational
Mechanics) is invited to submit nominations for the IACM awards. The IACM
awards are listed below. Each nomination was be submitted on one page in pdf
format with
1. the name of the nominee, including a full address and email address
2. the name of the award for which the nominee is being nominated
3. the name and email address of the nominator
3. a short description of the major accomplishments of the nominee (not to
exceed one page including above)

A description of the IACM awards is given below. Past winners of awards are
available on the IACM webpage  : www.iacm.info
The nomination must be submitted by November 9, 2007 by e-mail to the
following address
n-flannery en northwestern.edu

Ted Belytschko
Chair Honors Committee

The IACM Congress Medal (Gauss-Newton Medal) is the highest award given by
IACM.  It honors individuals who have made outstanding, sustained
contributions in the field of computational mechanics generally over periods
representing substantial portions of their professional careers.  The medal
is bronze and carries the images of Newton and Gauss in recognition of the
synergy between mathematics, numerical analysis, and mathematical modeling
of physical events that underpin much of the broad field of computational

The IACM Award is given in recognition of outstanding and sustained
contributions to the broad field of computational mechanics.  These
contributions shall generally be in the form of important research results
which significantly advance the understanding of theories and methods
impacting computational mechanics, but special individual contributions in
leadership and administration, industrial applications, and engineering
analysis that advance computational mechanics shall also represent
accomplishments worthy of recognition.

The IACM Award for Computational Mechanics will be given for contributions
to traditional areas, such as computational structural mechanics and
computational fluid dynamics, but may also be given to recognize
contributions outside these specific areas.  For example, the Award may be
given in recognition of accomplishments in software development, scientific
computing, research contributions in computational electromagnetics,
semi-conductor device simulation, biomechanics or other areas not
traditionally embraced by computational structural mechanics and fluid
dynamics but which have general applicability to computational mechanics.

The IACM Award for Young Investigators in Computational Mechanics recognizes
outstanding accomplishments, particularly outstanding published papers, by
researchers 40 or younger.  Eligibility requires that the nominee not turn
41 in the year the award is presented.

The Fellows Award recognized individuals with a distinguished record of
research, accomplishment and publication in areas of computational mechanics
and demonstrated support of the IACM through membership and participation in
the Association, its meetings and activities.

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