[NotiAMCA] Seminario de Mecánica Computacional. Univ. Buenos Aires

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mar Dic 9 09:01:38 ART 2008

El Prof. Adrián Lew de Stanford University desarrollará un seminario el
Lunes 15 de diciembre a las 17.30 hs en el Salón del Consejo de la FIUBA
(Paseo Colón 850  planta Baja, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Some Applications of Discontinuous Galerkin methods in Solid Mechanics

Discontinuous Galerkin methods (DG) are characterized by the use of
piecewise discontinuous functions to approximate solutions. These have
been very successful in the context of hyperbolic conservation laws as
a natural generalization to finite elements of finite volume
formulations.  For elliptic problems in solid mechanics, DG offers the
possibility of trading the enforcement of continuity in the numerical
solution for a better imposition of other constraints, such as
incompressibility, displacement boundary conditions or that leading to
shear locking in shells.

In this talk we present a DG formulation for nonlinear elastic
problems with a solution methodology that makes the use of DG
competitive to other schemes. In particular, we highlight its
differences and similarities with assumed or enhanced strain methods.
We also introduce the phenomenon of boundary locking for traditional
conforming approximations in which the mesh adopted does not fit the
geometry. This is gracefully sidestepped with a DG discretization.  We
demonstrate the feasibility of the method with large-scale 3D

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