[NotiAMCA] Seven research positions open in IST-ICIST, Lisbon, Portugal

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Mar Jul 29 20:01:52 ART 2008


C2008-IST/ICIST.1 Computational Solid Mechanics (1 position).
C2008-IST/ICIST.2 Biomechanics of Tissues and Organs (1 position).
C2008-IST/ICIST.3 Computational Architecture (1 position).
C2008-IST/ICIST.4 Sustainable Construction and Architecture - Energy and
Environment (1 position).
C2008-IST/ICIST.5 Sustainable Construction - ECO-CONCRETE (1 position).
C2008-IST/ICIST.6 Soil Dynamics (1 position).
C2008-IST/ICIST.7 Earthquake Engineering or Seismology (1 position).

The IST - ICIST (Instituto de Engenharia de Estruturas, Territorio e
Construcao) is a research center of the Instituto Superior Tecnico, one of
the oldest and largest Schools of Science and Engineering in Portugal,
member of the prestigious network of leading European Universities of
Technology CLUSTER. At ICIST research is focused on the following topics:
Earthquake Engineering and Seismology; Mechanics, Modeling and Analysis of
Structures (including Computational Mechanics and Biomechanics of Tissues
and Structures); Structural Design and Geotechnics; Information and Design
Support Systems; Construction and Architecture (including Sustainable
Construction and Architecture, and Computational Architecture).

Duties of successful candidates include participating in the research and
projects being carried out at ICIST, combining their expertise with the
activities of the members of the Institute, submitting new national or
international research projects. It is expected that they will also
participate and promote PhD and Msc Theses. The working language is English.

The successful candidates will receive a salary in accordance with the
university regulations for a senior researcher. The contract offered will
have duration of up to 5 years, renewed yearly based on mutual agreement.
The annual gross income, before taxes, will be approximately 3,000 Euros x
14 months.

Applicants should have obtained a PhD in:
- Civil, Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering or in Mathematics (for
position 1)
- Informatics, Computer Science, Physics, Materials or Biomaterials Science
/ Engineering, Engineering, Biology, Bioengieering, Biomedical Engineering
or related fields (for position 2)
- Architecture, Engineering, Informatics, Computer Science (for position 3)
- Civil, Mechanical, or Environmental Engineering, or in Material Science /
Engineering (for positions 4 and 5)
- Civil Engineering or Geology (for position 6)
- Physics, Geophysics, Earth Sciences, Civil or Structural Engineering (for
position 7)

Candidates should have a high quality research record and at least 3 years
of post-doctoral research experience. The successful candidates are expected
to do research in the areas listed above.

EMAIL TO jmartins en civil.ist.utl.pt the following information:
- Identification of the candidate
- Curriculum Vitae/resume
- Names and addresses (mail and e-mail) of 3 Researchers to whom Letters
of Reference may be asked
- Statement of purpose for the period of the contract.

DEADLINE: September 17th, 2008.

For more informations, consult http://www.eracareers.pt

The final selection of candidates will be subject to a decision from FCT
(Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology).

IST-ICIST is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer.

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