[NotiAMCA] Grants for research activities at LNCC, Brazil

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mar Jul 28 15:35:28 ART 2009

Asunto: Grants for research activities at LNCC, Brazil
Fecha: Tuesday 28 July 2009
De: Raúl Feijóo 
Para: Victorio Sonzogni 

Estimado Victorio,
te agradeceremos la gentileza de divulgar la información sobre becas de
doctorado y post doctorado en el LNCC que sigue abajo.

Aprovechando la oportunidad recibe un abrazo



*Doctoral scholarships and Postdoctoral research assistantships*

Doctoral scholarships and Postdoctoral research assistantships are available
within the HeMoLab P&D group (Hemodynamic Modeling Laboratory,
http://hemolab.lncc.br) at the LNCC/MCT - National Laboratory for Scientific
Computing, and at the INCT-MACC – National Institute for Science and
Technology in Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing (www.lncc.br/macc),
Petrópolis, Brazil.

Candidates will conduct research activities in one of the following areas:

·            Computational Modeling of the Cardiovascular System

·            Lattice-Boltzman models in computational hemodynamics

·            Image processing of medical Images

·            Multiscale modeling and computational simulation of biological

·            In-vivo material properties characterization of biological

The doctoral scholarships and assistantship stipends are supported by grants
from the CNPq  - Brazilian Council for Research and Development and from
FAPERJ – Research Foundation for the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The candidate must have a strong background in mathematics, sciences, and

The interested must send his/her CV together with a summary of the current
research activities via e-mail to:

Raúl A. Feijóo feij en lncc.br

Pablo J. Blanco pjblanco en lncc.br

Raúl A. Feijóo
Coordenação de Ciência da Computação
Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica
Av. Getúlio Vargas 333, Quitandinha,
CEP: 25651-075
Petrópolis, RJ
Tel.: (024) 2233-6017
      (024) 2233-6041
E-mail: feij en lncc.br
          feijooraul en gmail.com

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