[NotiAMCA] Seminario del IMAL : "Analysis of Conforming Adaptive Finite Elements"

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Subject: [Seminario del IMAL "Carlos Segovia Fernandez"] charla viernes 6/3
Date: Monday 02 March 2009
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Seminario del IMAL "Carlos Segovia Fernandez" 
Viernes 6/3, 10:30hs: Kunibert G. Siebert (University of
Duisburg-Essen, Alemania)

Título: "Analysis of Conforming Adaptive Finite Elements"

Computer-aided modeling is an indispensable tool in science and
engineering. In many cases the underlying model is a partial
differential equation. With the development of high technology the
problems under consideration have become more and more complex. A
discretization then leads to a high dimensional linear or non-linear
system that has to be solved fast. This task can for instance be
tackled by parallelization. Another possibility is to use computer
resources more efficiently by employing adaptive methods and thus
reducing the dimension of the discrete system. In fact, only a good
adaptive method allows to use computer resources in an optimal way.
Adaptive finite elements are successfully used since the 1970th. The
typical adaptive iteration is a loop of the form
Traditional a posteriori error analysis was mainly concerned with the
step ESTIMATE by deriving computable error bounds for the true error.
During the last years there is an increasing interest in proving
convergence of the above iteration, this means that the sequence of
discrete solutions converges to the exact solution. Once convergence
is established, we would like to show that the discrete solutions
provide quasi-optimal approximations in terms of degrees of freedom.
In this talk we give a brief overview of the current state of the art
in the convergence and optimality analysis of conforming adaptive
finite element discretizations.

La charla será dictada en inglés.
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