[NotiAMCA] Ph.D. opportunity at Notre Dame

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mar Jun 15 21:45:13 ART 2010

Estimado Victorio,

Te envío esta oferta de estudios de doctorado en la Universidad de
Notre-Dame (USA) para que puedas difundirla en NotiAmca por favor. Los
interesados pueden contactarse directamente con el Profesor Kapil
Saludos y muchas gracias.

José Luis Almazán
Profesor de Ing. Estructural PUC

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De: Robert Nerenberg [mailto:rnerenbe en nd.edu] 
Enviado el: Martes 08 de Junio de 2010 5:07 PM
Para: 'José Luis Almazan Campillay'
CC: 'Kapil Khandelwal'; 'Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt'
Asunto: Ph.D. opportunity at Notre Dame

Dear José Luis, 

One of my colleagues at Notre Dame, Dr. Kapil Khandelwal, is seeking a
highly qualified Ph.D. student for his National Science Foundation
(NSF)-funded research project. The research addresses seismic loads on
structures using multiscale optimization methods, and I thought this might
be of interest to students in your department.  Kapil is especially
interested in students with strong interests in mathematics and applied
mechanics. His web page is http://www.nd.edu/~kkhandel/, and his lab page is
http://www.nd.edu/~cpssl/ <http://www.nd.edu/~cpssl/>.

Do you know of any students from your department, in the Pontificie
Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), that might be good candidates for this
research? Ideally, the student would start in August, although January also
might be a possibility.  I'm copying Kapil on this e-mail. Feel free to
contact him.  I'd also be happy for the three of us to have a conference
call to give you more information.  

Independent of the above, it might be great to increase interactions between
our departments.  Hopefully you'll still be able to come as a visiting
professor, and it also would be good if some of our faculty could visit PUC
in the future.  I will explore this possibility with our chair and dean.

I hope all is well with you.

Best regards,


Robert Nerenberg, Ph.D., P.E. 
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 
Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences 
University of Notre Dame 
163 Fitzpatrick Hall 
Notre Dame, IN 46556 
phone: 574-631-4098 
fax: 574-631-9236 
Nerenberg.1 en nd.edu 


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