[NotiAMCA] Post-Doctoral Positions at the University of Pavia

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Vie Jun 17 08:38:49 ART 2011

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We would like to highlight the post-doctoral positions described
below. We kindly ask to advertise them in your groups and departments.
Thank you very much for your collaboration.
Best regards,
Annalisa Buffa, Alessandro Reali, Giancarlo Sangalli
[sincere apologies for any possible multiple posting of this message]

Applications are invited for two Post-Doctoral Positions in
computational (isogeometric) methods for nonlinear elasticity, one at
the Structural Mechanics Department and one at the Mathematics
Department of the University of Pavia.

The research activity will focus on the design and development of
isogeometric methods for nonlinear elasticity, with a special
attention to the mechanics of compressible and incompressible solids,
contact mechanics, biomechanics, and mechanics of composite materials.
Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) is a recent idea, introduced by T.J.R.
Hughes et al. in 2005, to bridge the gap between Computational
Mechanics and Computer Aided Design (CAD). The key feature of IGA is
to extend the finite element method representing geometry by
functions, such as Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS), which are
used by CAD systems, and then invoking the isoparametric concept to
define field variables. Thus, the computational domain exactly
reproduces the NURBS description of the physical domain.
Moreover, numerical testing in different situations has shown that IGA
holds great promises, with a substantial increase in the
accuracy-to-computational-effort ratio with respect to standard finite
elements, also thanks to the high regularity properties of the
employed functions.
The IGA research group in Pavia consists of both mathematicians and
engineers, some of them with an experience on IGA dating back to its
very infancy. Research focuses on both theoretical and applicative
aspects of isogeometric discretization of partial differential
equations, and activities in this field are funded by a number of
research projects, such as: GeoPDEs ("Ideas" ERC Starting Grant),
ISOBIO ("Ideas" ERC Starting Grant), Isogeometric discretization for
continuum mechanics (FIRB), TERRIFIC (FP7 Factories of the Future).
The applicant should have a PhD in Computational Mechanics,
Mathematics, Civil, or Mechanical Engineering, and should have solid
basis of finite elements from the theoretical and applicative point of
views. Moreover, she/he is required to have a strong programming
experience, possibly in C++ or in other object oriented languages.  A
background in isogeometric analysis will be positively considered.
The net salary can vary between 1800 and 2700 Euros per month (after
taxes), depending on the level of the applicant. The duration of the
Post-Doc positions is between 1 and 3 years.
The positions will be funded by the "Ideas" ERC Starting Grant
projects "GeoPDEs: Innovative compatible discretization techniques for
Partial Differential Equations" and "ISOBIO: Isogeometric Methods for
For further information please contact: Annalisa Buffa
(annalisa en imati.cnr.it), Alessandro Reali (alessandro.reali en unipv.it),
or Giancarlo Sangalli (giancarlo.sangalli en imati.cnr.it).

Alessandro Reali, PhD, MSc
University of Pavia
Structural Mechanics Department
Address: via Ferrata 1, 27100, Pavia, ITALY
Web:        http://www.unipv.it/alereali
Phone:    (+39) 0382 985704
Fax:         (+39) 0382 528422
E-mail:    alessandro.reali en unipv.it
Other affilliations:
IMATI - CNR, Pavia

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