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Subject: [Abmec-l] Fwd: FSI Short Course in Rome
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Subject: FSI Short Course in Rome
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Dear Alvaro,

I wanted to send you this information on *Computational Fluid Mechanics and
Fluid-Structure Interaction -- A Short Course in Rome*, June 4-15, 2012.
The short course should be helpful to graduate students, research
associates, and other junior researchers interested in computational fluid
mechanics and FSI.

Thank you, and best regards,


*Computational Fluid Mechanics and Fluid-Structure Interaction*

*A Short Course in Rome*

June 4-15, 2012, *Sapienza* University of Rome


Week 1 (June 4-8) *Computational Fluid Mechanics*

Week 2 (June 11-15) *Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction*

*Instructors:* *Y. Bazilevs* (UCSD), *A. Corsini* (*Sapienza*), *F. Rispoli*(
*Sapienza*), *K. Takizawa* (Waseda), and *T. Tezduyar* (Rice)

*Short-Course Overview***

The lectures in the *first week* of the short course will focus on the
fundamental concepts and advanced topics in computational fluid mechanics.
The fundamental concepts covered will include a review of the fluid
mechanics equations, numerical boundary conditions, spatial discretization
and the finite element method, time-integration techniques, iterative
solution techniques, and mesh generation. The advanced topics will include
the stabilized formulations (such as the SUPG and PSPG methods) for
incompressible flows, compressible flows, reaction-dominated flows, RANS
turbulence models, and turbomachinery flows. The first week will give the
participants the knowledge they need to follow the topics to be covered in
the second week. Those who believe that they already have sufficient
knowledge of the concepts and topics covered in the first week can directly
go to the second week. The lectures in the *second week* will focus on the
fundamental concepts and advanced topics in computational fluid-structure
interaction (FSI). The fundamental concepts will include the stabilized
formulations, ALE method and ALE-VMS technique, space-time method and
space-time-VMS technique, mesh update methods for flows with moving
boundaries and interfaces, introductory computational structural mechanics,
FSI coupling techniques and iterative methods, isogeometric analysis, and
parallel computing concepts. The advanced topics are the space-time
computational FSI techniques and the ALE-VMS computational FSI techniques.
The topics to be covered include the core technologies and the special
techniques targeting specific classes of problems.

*Registration Deadline:* May 15, 2012


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