[NotiAMCA] Final Call for Papers: 5th. European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences - EUCASS 2013

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Mar Dic 18 11:16:36 ART 2012

5th. European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences – EUCASS 2013


Dear Colleague,


We are pleased to send you the second and final call for papers for EUCASS
2013. As you know, EUCASS is, since 2005, the premier forum for all
aeronautic and space research players in Greater Europe, including Russia,
and second only to AIAA’s Aerospace Sciences Meeting. It is dedicated to the
promotion of enabling sciences and technologies. It is also the place where
scientists can gain a comprehensive picture of European accomplishments.
EUCASS is the natural venue for decision makers as well as an opportunity
for young scientists to meet their peers and the industry leaders. 


In other words, this is the conference that you cannot miss, and it is next
door. We are all looking forward to seeing and serving you.



Informative abstracts of at least one full page can be uploaded until 6
January 2013. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to prepare a
full paper of 15 pages max and submit it before the absolute deadline of 27
May 2013. Papers submitted in due time will be published in the conference
proceedings on CD or USB stick. A selected number of the accepted papers may
also be published after peer review in the EUCASS Book Series Advances in
Aerospace Sciences. 




The main objectives are to:


                         i.          review the state of the art in
Aeronautic and Space Sciences, focusing on advances and innovations;

                       ii.          promote industrial understanding of
recent scientific breakthroughs and develop synergies between Aeronautics
and Space, Academia and Industry;

                     iii.          offer Agencies and Industry the
opportunity to present their programs, particularly EU’s Framework programs.


The conference will highlight this in five parallel symposia dealing with
aspects of 


·      System Integration, 

·      Flight Physics,

·      Flight Dynamics/GNC and Avionics,

·      Structures and Materials, and

·      Propulsion Physics.



(For details, please consult  <http://www.eucass.eu> www.eucass.eu and


SYSTEM INTEGRATION on Aircraft and Space Launch Vehicles 

Chairs: L. Anselmo (CNR, Pisa), P. Tatry (AIRBUS), C. Bonnal (CNES), J.
Gigou (ESA), M. Sippel (DLR), W. Zinner (Astrium)

This symposium is concerned with multidisciplinary and integration problems
(subjects where separate disciplines interact in synergy). 


FLIGHT PHYSICS for Aircraft and Launch Vehicles including Re-Entry Bodies

Chairs: M. Ivanov (ITAM), D. Knight (Rutgers Univ.), I. Lipatov (TsAGI), P.
Reijasse (ONERA)

The Flight Physics Symposium addresses all aspects of aerodynamics relevant
to aircrafts and UAVs, missiles and projectiles, launchers, and re-entry
vehicles. Aero-acoustics will be also examined for aeronautical applications
with a special focus to landing and take-off flight phases of aircraft. 


FLIGHT DYNAMICS/GNC and AVIONICS for Aeronautic and Space Applications

Chairs: G. Balas (Univ. of Minnesota), D. Choukroun (TU Delft), J. Corbin
(CNES), V. Kutahov (Rostechnology), A. Nebylov (SUAI), C. Philippe (ESA), C.
Vallet (Astrium) 

This symposium will cover the applications of novel analytical and
experimental methods for the analysis and the prediction of the flight
dynamics of civil and military airplanes, drones, launch vehicles and
spacecraft as well as on-board electronics and avionics. 


STRUCTURES AND MATERIALS for Aeronautic and Space Systems

Chairs: M. Berdoyes (HeraklesSafran), C. Dalle Donne (EADS IW), J.P. Grisval
(ONERA), T. Khan (ONERA), W. Luber (TU München), B. Troclet (Astrium), Y.
Nozhnitsky (CIAM)

The structures and materials symposium covers profound improvements
introduced in aerospace structures and engines through innovative materials,
processing technologies, structural design and analysis. Massive
introduction of fiber-reinforced organic composites has become a reality and
the introduction of other composites is progressing in the engines. 


PROPULSION PHYSICS for Air-Breathing and Rocket Engines

Chairs: L. De Luca (Politecnico di Milano), S. Frolov (RAS), O. Haidn (TU

The Propulsion Physics Symposium will cover all aspects of air-breathing and
space propulsion, spanning from new developments in engines and propellants
to modeling and testing. Topics range from basic research and development to
applied studies, using experimental, theoretical and/ or advanced numerical
methods, with a special focus on fundamental physical understanding. 



Persons willing to organize a mini symposium or a workshop dedicated to
special topics (e.g. Clean Air, Space Debris, Combustion Instability, UAV,
Supersonic Civil Aircraft, Generic Manufacturing, Renewable Fuels etc.) are
invited to contact the concerned Symposium Chair. 

Mini symposia dedicated to present student activities will be given special


Technical Committee

Chair:Max Calabro ( <mailto:max.calabro en innerarch.eu>
max.calabro en innerarch.eu)


Official Language

All papers must be submitted and presented in English, the official language
of the conference.


Technical Tours

Technical tours will be organized to visit the major R&D centers and
aerospace industries of the region. The tours will take place on Friday, 5
July 2013.


Conference Venue

Holiday Inn Munich - City Centre, Hochstrasse 3, 81669 München, Germany




The conference site is conveniently located near the city center,
“Englischer Garten” and “Deutsches Museum” and can be reached directly from
the airport or central station by public transport.


Conference Fees

Registration for EUCASS 2013 is available through
<mailto:eucass-2013.registration en website> eucass-2013.registration en website:


Registration date

before 31 May, 2013

after 31 May


On-site registration

Normal Fee

730 Euros

950 Euros

1050 Euros

Student Fee

250 Euros

400 Euros

450 Euros


The registration fee covers access to all lectures, lunches and coffee
breaks Monday – Thursday, the conference program booklet, the proceedings on
USB stick or DVD, and the Welcome Reception held Sunday evening, 6 – 9 p.m.,
30 June 2013.


Exhibition/ Sponsoring

EUCASS 2013 will offer space for exhibitions. Customized Sponsorship
packages will be available to allow for brand positioning throughout the



The conference is being organized jointly by the Technische Universität
München and Astrium, Germany. For more details please consult websites
<http://www.eucass.eu> www.eucass.eu and www.eucass2013.de.


Conference Secretariat Coordinates

For further information, local organization, booth reservation, etc. please
contact  <mailto:info en eucass2013.de> info en eucass2013.de or directly Oskar
Haidn ( <mailto:haidn en tum.de> haidn en tum.de) and Walter Zinner
(walter.zinner en astrium.eads.net).


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oskar Haidn

Technische Universität München


Walter Zinner

Astrium GmbH – Space Transportation





15 September 2012:      Website Open for Abstract Submission

6 January 2013:             Abstract Submission Deadline

Mid-February 2013:      Notification of Acceptance/ Rejection of Papers

27 May 2013:                  Final Manuscript Deadline


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