[NotiAMCA] Call for Nominations for IACM Awards 2012

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mar Feb 21 09:55:10 ART 2012

Announcement: The International Association for Computational Mechanics
announces the call for nominations for five awards to recognize
outstanding contributions in computational mechanics.

The membership of IACM (International Association for Computational
Mechanics) and all other members of the computational mechanics
community are invited to submit nominations for the IACM awards. The
IACM awards are listed below. Each nominator can nominate no more than
one individual for each of the awards, with the exception of the Fellows
Award in which case two individuals may be nominated. Self-nominations
are not accepted.

Each nomination is to be submitted on a SINGLE page in PDF format giving
the following (an example can be found on the webpage):

1. The name of the award for which the nominee is being nominated
2. The name of the nominee, including a full address and email address
3. The name and email address of the nominator
4. Professional history including major awards (10 lines maximum) - need
not be a complete - list only most recent or most important positions
5. A short description of the major accomplishments of the nominee, i.e.
why is he being nominated (not to exceed 500 words; one page is maximum
including the above!)

A description of the IACM awards is given below. Past winners of awards
are available on the webpage
http://www.cimne.upc.es/iacm/PrizeAwards/ArchiveIACM.pdf. A format sheet
for the nomination and an example is given on the same webpage. 

Nominations must be submitted by March 23, 2012, by email to the
following address:
forace en cimne.upc.edu

Ekkehard Ramm and D. Roger J. Owen
Chair, Honors Committee





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