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Ph.D. Student Position

We offer a Ph.D. student position in Applied Mathematics. The selected
student will work at UPV/EHU and visit the University of Pau (France)
at least once every four months.


Simulation of coupled electro-elasto-acoustic geophysical measurements
using a high-order Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin (DPG) method


An accurate assessment of the material properties of the Earth
subsurface is fundamental to many important societal endeavors, such
as to increase hydrocarbon extraction, improve the design of
geothermal energy systems, monitor subsurface CO2-sequestration,
predict earthquakes, and estimate seismic hazards. This subsurface
assessment is obtained via computer simulations, which are used to (a)
design proper measurement acquisition systems and (b) solve the
so-called “inverse problem".

In this joint Ph.D. programme, the student shall develop a new
approach for the 3D simulation of coupled geophysical measurements
based on a high-order discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin (DPG) method. This
method is specially well-suited for the simulation of wave propagation
geophysical problems as well as those exhibiting boundary layers,
which are specially important to obtain high-resolution maps of the
Earth's subsurface.

Ph.D. supervisors

David Pardo (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU and IKERBASQUE), and

Helene Barucq (University of Pau, France).

Starting Date: Sep - Oct. 2012.

Approximate net salary: 1140 eur/month + social security benefits.

Duration: 3 years.


Mandatory: Bachelors degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer
Sciences, or Engineering. By Oct. 2012, the student should have a
masters degree in applied mathematics (or similar).

Preferred: Good grades. Experience in partial differential equations,
finite element methods, and development of scientific computer

For applications and additional info, contact BEFORE June 1st, 2012 to
David Pardo (dzubiaur en gmail.com), and send him an email with your CV
in Spanish or English.

David Pardo, Ph.D.
UPV/EHU and Ikerbasque Research Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Operational Research
00100 University of the Basque Country
Barrio Sarriena S/N, Campus de Leioa,
48940 Leioa (Vizcaya) --- SPAIN ---
Tel. +34 697 373 668
Personal Webpage (NUMEMA Group)

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