[NotiAMCA] PANACM 2015 Promotional Video

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mie Dic 11 12:47:05 ART 2013

Dear Victorio 

We have made a movie advertising PANACM-2015. Please
use it freely to convince more people to participate in PANACM next April 2015. You can see the movie at: http://youtu.be/DzM3gcm922oor at http://congress.cimne.com/panacm2015/frontal/Video.asp  The congress organization is booming. Last week we visited
with Eugenio Oñate the Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel and we have concluded that the
amenities offered are optimal for a congress of this category. We hope that this news will increase your desire to
participate in PANACM-2015 and/or to organize a Mini-Simposium. 
Sergio Idelsohn

PANACM-2015 ChairmanTel: +34 93 401 1829 
sergio en cimne.upc.edu

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