[NotiAMCA] Reminder: Invitation to mini-symposium "COUPLED PROBLEMS AND FREE SURFACE FLOWS", Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 27-29, 2015.

Rodrigo Paz rodrigo.r.paz en gmail.com
Jue Oct 23 23:09:46 ART 2014

Dear colleagues and friends,

we kindly remind you our invitation to submit an abstract to the
organized by Facundo Del Pin and Rodrigo R. Paz which will take place at
the 1st PANACM 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Congress web page:

Important dates:
  Deadline for presenting a one page abstract: October 31, 2014
  Acceptance of the contributions: November 14, 2014
  Final abstract submission and early payment: December 31, 2014
  Congress date: April 27-29, 2015

Please note that when submitting a paper you need to register on the
congress website (payment is not needed at this step) and you should chose
among the Conference Topics the one with the title of this mini-symposium:
Please, share this invitation with your colleagues and students.

We hope to meet you at the congress.

Best Regards,

Facundo Del Pin (1)  : fdelpin en gmail.com
Rodrigo R. Paz  (1,2): rodrigo.r.paz en gmail.com

1. Livermore Software Technology Corp. Livermore, CA, USA.
2. CONICET, Arg.

The focus of this session is to discuss numerical methods or
industrial applications that involve coupled problems, free surface
flows or their interaction. These kind of problems have been studied
for several years and the results have been applied in numerous
engineering endeavors. More recent developments in the area of
parallel computing have allowed researchers to replace assumptions or
simplifications by the full approximation of the conservation
equations providing more detailed and accurate representation of the
reality.  Although parallel computing is not the main focus of this MS
presenters are encouraged to share their experience in this area.
Coupled problems are regarded as problems where two or more domains
approximate different sets of conservation laws and where the final
solution depends on their interaction.  Some examples include:

* thermal/electromagnetic coupling with buoyancy effects,
* conjugate heat transfer and cooling problems,
* fluid-structure interaction: ship hulls in the presence of waves,
   sloshing problems, etc.
* wave energy generation devices,
* dam brake and impact problems,
* pollutants transport in air, water and soil environments,
* general flows through porous media.
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