[NotiAMCA] PhD position in Plate Tectonics in France

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mar Feb 3 10:11:30 ART 2015

In the frame of the research and training Marie Sklodwoska-Curie Actions of the European Community,
Geosciences Montpellier invites applications of highly motivated individuals
for an Early Stage Researcher (PhD) position starting from September 1st, 2015

Plate tectonics: strain localization due to anisotropy in the lithospheric mantle
Supervisor: A. Tommasi (Geosciences Montpellier, FR).
Collaborations: P. Tackley (ETH ZURICH), N. Ribe (FAST, FR), J. Signorelli (IFIR, AR), R.Hassani (GéoAzur, FR)

The aim of this Ph.D. project is to study the role of an anisotropy of mechanical and thermal properties in the mantle
(due to the orientation of olivine crystals) on plate tectonics using a 3-D multiscale approach that combines finite-
element models of lithosphere-scale deformation with viscoplastic self-consistent simulations of evolving anisotropic
physical properties. For this, we will develop new modeling routines for simulating the evolution of mechanical
anisotropy as a function of the deformation history. These models will be used for studying the reactivation of
lithospheric structures on the formation of new plate boundaries.

The expected results are a better understanding of the processes allowing for strain localization in the ductile regime
and for development of plate tectonics on Earth. A secondary objective is the development of a parameterized
description of strain-induced mechanical anisotropy that can be incorporated into 3-D convection codes, allowing the
study of the effect of an anisotropic viscosity on mantle convection.

This project also includes a 2-month internship at APERAM, where the Ph.D. student will apply the knowledge
acquired in his/her academic research to study the effect of microstructure evolution in steel forming.


• Applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity in France for more than 12 months in the 3
years immediately prior to their recruitment.
• Applicants must be in the first four years of their research career and do not have a PhD degree. Time is
measured from the date of award of the Master degree (official maternity/paternity leaves excluded).
• Applicants must have strong quantitative and scientific programming skills, hold a Master degree in
geosciences, physics, or material sciences, and be highly motivated to work in an international team.
• Applicants must have excellent written and spoken English skills. A grasp of French would be also useful.
• Knowledge on geodynamics, rocks rheology, or viscoplastic deformation processes in crystalline materials.

Employment conditions:

• Participation in the EU-funded innovative training network CREEP, which encompasses 16 Ph.D. projects in
10 major research groups in geodynamics in Europe (Montpellier, Bristol, Durham, UCL, Utrecht, ETH
Zurich, FAST-Orsay, Roma 3, Mainz, Munster) and 11 private-sector partners (Schlumberger, Baker Hughes
Schott, APERAM, AkzoNobel, MP Strumenti Reykjavik Geothermal, IGEM, GMuG, Geospatial Research).
• A 36-month full employment contract with social security, a net monthly salary of 1800€
• Guaranteed funding for the research project and training activities.
• A personalized training program mutually agreed on recruitment, which will directly reflect the candidate
training needs and career objectives.

Application Procedure

• Candidates should apply via our online application procedure (http://www.itn-creep.eu). Once the application
is received, they will receive an email asking for their CV and academic credentials (mark sheets and degree
• Deadline for applications: 30 May 2015.

A complete description of all 16 CREEP PhD positions and training program and online application forms can be found
at http://www.itn-creep.eu
For additional information please mail us @ deia en gm.univ-montp2.fr

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