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Lun Oct 26 14:44:26 ART 2015

Post-DoctoralPosition in
Applied Mathematical
Modelling and Computational MathematicsUniversity
of São Paulo at São Carlos – ICMC- Department of Applied
Mathematics and StatisticsLocation:
São Carlos – São Paulo State- Brazil
Models for measured-surface simulation of lubricated contacts in the
mixed regime.
Gustavo C. Buscaglia
Center for Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry (CEPID-CeMEAI)
has one post-doc position available, starting immediately. The plan
and requirements are described below. The monthly salary is R$5908,00
(USD 1500,00) tax free. The appointed post-doc will also receive
return travel from his/her country to Brazil paid by the grant.
CeMEAI is a consortium of several Universities in São Paulo State.
The position is initially for one year, renewable for a second year
pending on suitable performance.
contacts take place in many engineering applications. Of particular
interest are the highly loaded devices (piston ring/liner contact,
connecting-rod big and small ends among others), where the clearance
between the matching surfaces is so small that surface roughness must
be taken into account either because it determines the overall
hydrodynamics or because contact between the asperities takes place.
The challenging aspects of the problem are, among others, multiple
length and time scales (bearing scale much larger than roughness
scale), presence of two phases (lubricant and gases coming from
gaseous and vaporous cavitation) and multiphysics (hydrodynamics,
solid contact, elasticity, rigid-body dynamics, tribochemistry).
Prof. Buscaglia's group has already addressed the hydrodynamic (low
load) regime and an effective code for highly-resolved numerical
simulations in this regime is available, already validated against
carefully designed experiments (Zhang
& Meng, Tribology Letters, 2012).
However, numerical models for the simulation of the mixed lubrication
regime with measured surface topography are still lacking.
purpose of this project is to extend the available computer model to
the mixed (high load) lubrication regime, considering the measured
surface topographies exactly. This will allow for quantitative
performance predictions of numerous new surface coatings and surface
finishing techniques that are attracting industrial interest
nowadays, mainly for applications in the mixed regime. Simulations
using measured topographies will also allow for the correlation
between surface performance and relevant surface statistical
successful applicant will collaborate with the team lead by G.
Buscaglia and R. Ausas, with a proven record of research projects and
industrial collaborations in the field. A doctoral degree in Applied
Mathematics, Engineering or a related area is required, together with
experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics by finite elements or
finite volumes. Candidates showing familiarity with lubrication
problems and experience in high performance computing will be given
candidates should e-mail a CV and two letters of recommendation from
university professors as soon as possible to:
Gustavo C. BuscagliaInstituto
de Ciências Matemáticas e de ComputaçãoUniv.
de Sao Paulo
Av. Trab. Sao-Carlense, 400, CEP 13560-970, Sao
Carlos, SP, Brasil

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