[NotiAMCA] Announcement of the ECCOMAS Workshop "Platform for Aircraft Drag Reduction Innovation - PADRI 2017"

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Jue Abr 6 14:27:50 ART 2017

Dear colleagues,

Please find below information about the objectives and the format of the PADRI 2017 ECCOMAS workshop (Platform for Aircraft Drag Reduction Innovation) that will take place in Barcelona November 29 - December 1, 2017. 
For more information please visit the workshop web page: http://congress.cimne.com/padri-2017/

Do not hesitate to forward this message to possibly interested people and all our apologies if you received this message multiple times.

ObjectivesThe main objective of the Open Workshop is to find candidate flow control technologies and optimization strategies that can minimize shock wave and interference drag in the strut-wing junction region in cruise condition.
A test case is proposed for computation that reproduces, even at low velocity, a typical shock wave pattern in the region of the junction strut-wing of an aircraft.
In order to simplify the problem, some constraints have been set up, so that the geometrical modifications should be confined to a defined small region around the strut-wing junction, and the objective function is clearly explained in order to ensure computational data results comparisons across all the technology solutions and participants.
A computational platform will allow all participants to compare on outputs and formats selected by organizers their respective data results installed on a Database with respect to the reference (baseline) and to show the benefit of the chosen flow control technology.
The workshop intends to contribute to fill the gap between the different technology models and their application.

Format of the Workshop
The format of PADRI Advanced Workshop will combine plenary lectures on flow control design and optimization challenges for drag interference together with individual presentations by worldwide contributors. Each contributor will share their results, which will be compared thanks to the set up of a common database
of the computational data and results. In addition, a Round Table assessment of the contributions, with international Senior Technical Experts, will be organized at the end of the Workshop.

Best regards,

PADRI 2017 organizers 


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