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 ​​Computational Modeling in Bioengineering,
Biomechanics and Biomedical Systems-------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Colleagues,It is our pleasure to
invite you to submit an abstract to the Session on “Computational Modeling in​ Bioengineering and Biomedical Systems” that we are organizing as part
of the ENIEF2017 conference that will be held at UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL
DE LA PLATA, LA PLATA, ARGENTINA on November 7-10, 2017.
More information on
the ENIEF conference can be found at :http://congresos.ing.unlp.edu.ar/congresos/enief2017/index.php. Abstract submission
deadline is May ​2, 201​7. To submit an abstract for this session please
visit the ENIEF201​7 website for instructions.  Thanks in advance for your

consideration. We are looking forward to

meeting all of you at La Plata in November.Best regards,​Pablo J. Blanco,

Santiago A. Urquiza--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computational
Modeling in Bioengineering, Biomechanics and Biomedical SystemsMODELIZACIÓN COMPUTACIONAL EN BIOINGENIERÍA, BIOMECÁNICA Y SISTEMAS

BIOMÉDICOS​The aim of this session is
to​ bring together researchers to share their latest scientific achievements in the​ field of computational modeling and numerical simulation of bioengineering and​ biomedical systems. 
Theoretical, numerical and​ practical contributions in the following areas and topics are welcome: 

-Anatomical modeling from
medical images -Fluid-structure
interaction in physiological flows -Inverse problems for in
vivo material characterization -Modeling and simulation of
tissue growth and remodeling -Biomechanical multi-scale
modeling of living tissues -Physiological modeling of
organs and systems -Biochemical
transport -Validation of biomedical
models -Virtual and augmented
reality tools for simulation and surgery -Real-time aspects of
biomedical simulation -Application of models in medical
practice_____________________________________ Dr. Pablo J. Blanco

(LNCC/MCTI, Petrópolis, Brazil) 
pjblanco en lncc.br Dr. Santiago A. Urquiza
(UNMDP, Mar del Plata, Argentina) santiago.urquiza en fi.mdp.edu.ar ​​

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