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Mie Abr 19 04:12:52 ART 2017

                           CALL FOR PAPERS

Special session on


to be held at ENIEF 2017, XXIII Congreso sobre Métodos Numéricos y sus
Aplicaciones Noviembre 7-10, 2017, Universidad Nacional de la Plata,

. Cruchaga, Marcela (USACH, Chile) [marcela.cruchaga at usach.cl]
. Preidikman, Sergio (CONICET, FECFyN UN Córdoba, Arg) [spreidikman at
. Storti, Mario (CONICET, UN Litoral, Arg) [mario.storti at gmail.com]

This session deals with algorithms, numerical techniques, and
scientific or industrial applications involving multiphysics problems,
i.e., problems where multiple physical fields are coupled.

Typical examples are:

. Fluid-structure interaction
. Electro and Thermo mechanical interaction
. Free surface problems
. Magneto Hydro-Dynamics
. Fluid Dynamics with chemical reactions
. Hydro- and Aeroelasticity

The session focuses, particularly, on:

(i) those situations where the interaction between the different
  physical fields is fundamental;

(ii) novel algorithms that treat this interaction in a special way;

(iii) numerical analysis and modeling techniques employed in
multiphysics, among others.

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