[NotiAMCA] Fallecimiento del Profesor Roger Owen

Sergio Idelsohn sergio en cimne.upc.edu
Jue Ene 16 07:31:07 -03 2020

Estimados amigos,
el pasado Lunes 13 falleció Roger Owen a los 77 años de edad.
Lamentablemente se nos va otro de los grandes de la Mecánica Computacional. Nos quedan sus libros, sus papers y sus enseñanzas.
Eugenio Oñate escribió un pequeño obituario que pueden leer en: https://www.cimne.com/vnews/10930/death-of-professor-roger-owen <https://www.cimne.com/vnews/10930/death-of-professor-roger-owen>

> El 10 ene 2020, a las 16:00, Sergio Elaskar <sergio.elaskar en gmail.com> escribió:
> Dear Colleague,  
> We are pleased to invite you to present a talk at the Invited Sessions "Chaos in Electronic Circuit" organized in the frame on the 13th CHAOS 2020 International Conference that will take place in Florence, Italy, 9-12 June 2020.
> The deadline  for the abstract  submission is at the end of January 2020 (see at http://www.cmsim.org/abstractpaper2020.html <http://www.cmsim.org/abstractpaper2020.html> and related pages)
> Chaos theory has developed rapidly during the last decades. With CHAOS2020 International Conference we celebrate 13 years of active presence in the field via the annual conference, the proceedings and publications in books (Springer) and the CMSIM Journal.
> From the Van der Pol oscillator, Chua circuit, and many others, Chaos theory was helped by electronic experiments. Nowadays, this field of investigation is very active in covering areas as secure communication, neural networks, etc.
> In this Invited Sessions, we are looking for the last advances in the area related to chaos and non-linear dynamics in electronic circuits and in experimental devices in general.
> We kindly ask you to forward this message to your colleagues working in similar fields who can be interested in participating in the Conference.
> We appreciate your time, and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
> Best Regards,
> Organizers of the Invited Sessions "Chaos in Electronic Circuit"
> Ezequiel del Rio and Sergio Elaskar
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