[NotiAMCA] CFP CILAMCE/PANACM /2021 | MS on Applications of Computational Thermo Fluid-Dynamics

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Sab Abr 10 18:36:38 -03 2021

Call for Papers

We invite you to submit high-quality research papers to the Mini Symposium
on *Applications of Computational Thermo Fluid-Dynamics
<https://cilamce-panacm2021.com.br/approved-mini-symposia>* at the *XLII
Ibero-Latin-American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering
(CILAMCE-2021) | 3rd Pan American Congress on Computational Mechanics,
<https://cilamce-panacm2021.com.br/>* to be held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
09 to 12 November 2021.


   - *Luciano Garelli* (CONICET, Argentina) [image: mail]
   <lucianogarelli en hotmail.com>
   - *Gustavo Ríos Rodríguez* (Univ. Nacional del Litoral-CONICET,
   Argentina) [image: mail] <gusadrr en yahoo.com.ar>
   - *Mario Storti* (Univ. Nacional del Litoral-CONICET, Argentina) [image:
   mail] <mario.storti en gmail.com> [image: home]


The MS is devoted to the numerical modeling of coupled flow and thermal
problems, specially in industrial applications. The MS will cover the
following topics:

   - Numerical methods, modeling techniques, and algorithms for the
   computation of steady and unsteady conjugate heat transfer problems.
   - Buoyancy-driven flows.
   - Heat exchangers in the industry (e.g. radiators of large scale power
   transformers) and technology (e.g. small scale like electronic devices)
   - Advances in heat transfer enhancement (both with active and passive
   - Thermosyphon cooling.
   - Applications in energy generation and distribution, specially
   electrical transformers using biodegradable fluids as cooling fluid.
   - Experimental validation and verification of numerical problems.
   - Scientific and technological applications.


   - There will be several presentations from the EU MSCA-RISE project
   BIOtrafo https://www.biotrafo.unican.es/

Important Dates

   - Deadline for abstract submission: *April 30, 2021*
   - Notification of abstract acceptance: *May 15, 2021*
   - Deadline for full-paper submission: *July 31, 2021*
   - Deadline for full-paper acceptance: *Sep 15, 2021*
   - Deadline for payment of Early Registration Fee: *Sep 30, 2021*
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