[NotiAMCA] Course: Dispersion of Particles in Turbulent Flows

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Subject: Dispersion of Particles in Turbulent Flows

Dear Sir/Madam,

The International Centre for Mechanical Science (CISM ) organizes advanced 
course addressed to researchers and doctoral students. This course are 
selected by an international Scientific Council and the lecturers are all 
well known scientists from various countries.CISM is a non-profit 

A course by the title "Dispersion of Particles in Turbolent Flows", 
coordinated by professors A.Soldati (University of Udine, Italy) and M.Reeks 
(University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK), will be given from September 12 to 
16, 2005.

Turbulent dispersed particle flows play a part in several technological 
areas. Indeed since the individual particle motion can involve the transport 
and exchange of mass, momentum and heat with the carrier fluid, insights 
into detailed physics of this motion and how it influences and is influenced 
by its surroundings can lead to significant technological advancements. For 
instance, control of micron size particle emission and dispersion is now a 
major concern for the urban and environmental authorities and represents a 
major challenge for the automotive industry, power industry and in general 
dusty manufacturing industry.
The object of this course is to cover the current methodologies for the 
prediction of turbulent dispersed reacting flows. Specific attention will be 
devoted to the modelling aspects and to the physical phenomena involved. 
Turbulent structure and the several "turbulence" simulation methodologies, 
particle fluid interaction and the several modelling approaches, will be 
specifically addressed. The course will also be focused and will help to 
identify the research needs for the advancement of this fundamental 
discipline in fluid mechanics.
The course is addressed to scientist, professionals and graduate students in 
the several fields of Engineering, Applied and Fundamental Sciences with 
specific interest in these phenomena.

In http://www.cism.it/cism/p2005/annC0509.pdf   you will find information 
about the contents of the school and the procedures for admission.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this information to 
persons or institutions which might be interested in this activity. Or could 
you, please, send us a mailing list with their addresses?

Hoping that the above information  on this CISM Course can be of interest to 
you, we thank you for your kind consideration.

Best regards,

Professor Bernhard Schrefler                    Professor Giulio Maier
Secretary General of CISM                         Resident Rector of CISM

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