[NotiAMCA] pos-doctoral research positions

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mar Jun 24 10:56:26 ART 2008

The Associate Laboratory in Energy, Transports and Aeronautics (LAETA)
http://www.idmec.ist.utl.pt/laeta/index.html) offers 10 pos-doctoral
research positions in the fields:


1 position at IDMEC/IST-1: Modeling and Structural Optimization of Damped
Adaptive Structures: Passive, Active and Hybrid Damping

1 position at IDMEC/IST-2: Structural Health Monitoring Systems 

1 position at IDMEC/IST-3: Electromagnetic Forming of Metal Parts

1 position at IDMEC/IST-4: Integrated Design, Analysis and Control of
Flexible Light Weight Multibody Structures

1 position at IDMEC/IST-5: Microfluidics and Associated Extracorporeal
Medical Devices and Mass Transfer

1 position at IDMEC/IST-6: Power Take-off Equipment for Wave Energy

1 position at IDMEC/IST-7- Modeling of strongly radiating turbulent
diffusion flames  

1 position at IDMEC/IST-8- Hydrogen Energy Support Systems 

1 position at IDMEC/IST-9- Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Structural

1 position at CCTAE/IST-1- Physical - Mathematical Methods Supporting
Aerospace Research


The LAETA is an Associate Laboratory and is built up by a National Network
for Research in Transports and Energy, and Aeronautics and Space. LAETA is
composed by the following partners:

•        Institute of Mechanical Engineering IDMEC/IST, Technical University
of Lisbon

•        Institute of Mechanical Engineering, IDMEC/FEUP, University of

•        Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management,
INEGI/FEUP, University of Porto

•        Laboratory for Industrial Aerodynamics , ADAI/UC, University of

•        Centre of Science and Technology in Aeronautics and Space,
CCTAE/IST, Technical University of Lisbon

 The contracted persons will have the duty to conduct scientific research
and to bring expertise that is expected to strengthen, quantitatively and
qualitatively, the research in the above areas. The successful candidates
will be integrated in the research teams to allow for joint,
multidisciplinary approaches to research subjects of common interest. The
duties include also the promotion of partnerships with European consortiums,
international networks and the transfer of technology to industry. The
working language is English.

The successful candidates will receive a salary in accordance with the
university regulations for a senior researcher. The contract offered will
have duration of up to 5 years, renewed yearly based on mutual agreement.
The annual gross income, before taxes, will be approximately 3,000 Euros x
14 months. 


Applicants should have obtained a PhD in related areas of the above research
areas.Candidates should have a high quality research record and about 3
years of post-doctoral research experience. The successful candidates are
expected to do research in the areas listed above. For more information,
consult http://www.eracareers.pt <http://www.eracareers.pt/> 



By email to:carlosmotasoares en dem.ist.utl.pt
<mailto:carlosmotasoares en dem.ist.utl.pt> 

With the following information:

-             Identification of the candidate and field(s) of application.

-             Curriculum Vitae (publication list included).

-             Letters of recommendation (or names and emails of References).

-             Statement of research interests (one page maximum), for the
period of the contract. 


LAETA is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer. 


Deadline: For full consideration all documents must be received by 31st of
August 2008


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