[NotiAMCA] Particles 2009 International Conference

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Mar Jun 24 11:03:50 ART 2008

Particles 2009

International Conference on 

Particle-Based Methods

Fundamentals and Applications


25-27 November 2009, Barcelona, Spain


PARTICLES 2009 will address both  the fundamental basis and the
applicability of state of the art particle-based computational methods that
can be effectively used for solving a variety of problems in engineering and
applied sciences.


Significant advances have been made in  the discrete element method (DEM),
the smooth particle hydrodynamic method (SPH), the particle finite element
method (PFEM), the material point method, and atomistic and quantum
mechanics-based methods, among others. The coupling of these methods with
standard numerical procedures, such as the finite element method  and also
with meshless techniques offers new possibilities to solve complex problems
in engineering and sciences with an accurate representation of the physical
phenomena at nano, micro and macro scales. The applications of the
particle-based methods addressed in the conference will cover geomechanical
and mining problems, industrial forming processes, fluid-structure
interaction problems accounting for free surface flow effects in civil and
marine engineering (water streams acting on constructions, wave loads in
harbours and marine structures, ship hydrodynamics, etc.), multi-fracturing
processes in impact situations, nano-micro-macroscopic effects in material
science and bio-medical engineering, molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics
problems, melting of polymers in fire situations and many others.


PARTICLES 2009 also aims to be a forum for practitioners in the
computational mechanics field to discuss recent advances and identify future
research directions for particle-based methods.


Sessions related to specific topics of the conference will be introduced by
a Keynote Lecture in the field. Keynote Lectures will be complemented by
Invited Sessions organised by recognised experts in targeted research areas
of particle-based techniques as well as by contributed papers received from
the general Call for Papers.


Organising Committee

D.R.J. Owen (Chairman), Swansea University, UK

E. Oñate (Co-Chairman), Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

J. Bonet, Swansea University, UK

Y.T. Feng, Swansea University, UK

A. Huerta, Univ.Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

S. Idelsohn, CIMNE, Barcelona, Spain

X. Oliver, Univ.Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain


More information at:  <http://congress.cimne.upc.es/particles09/>



e-mail: particle-basedmethods en cimne.upc.edu 



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