[NotiAMCA] Invitation to a minisymposium - ECCM IV, Paris, France, 16-21 May 2010

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Vie Jul 10 18:06:46 ART 2009

Dear distinguished Colleague,

The next /IV European Conference on Computational Mechanics-ECCM IV, 
Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering/, organized by 
ECCOMAS will take place in Paris, France, May 16-21 2010.


During this conference, we are organizing a mini symposium entitled:

*Numerical Strategies and Optimization Methodologies
for Finite Element Simulation of Metal Forming Processes*

In view of your research activities and acknowledged reputation in this 
field, we have the pleasure to invite you to deliver an invited paper in 
our mini symposium. We would be very glad if you could accept this 
invitation. The topics of the symposium are briefly described in the 
following abstract.

Your abstract should be submitted through the website of the Conference 
http://www.eccm2010.org/ . Please note that the site will be open for 
abstract submission between *September 30* and *November 20*, 2009. In 
the meanwhile, thank you to drop us an email stating your intention to 
submit an abstract for this invited mini symposium.

We look forward to meeting you there,

Lionel FOURMENT                                   Jean-Philippe PONTHOT      
lionel.fourment en mines-paristech.fr        JP.Ponthot en ulg.ac.be          
CEMEF, Center for Material Forming           University of Liège      
Sophia Antipolis, France                                 Liège, Belgium



The topics of this mini-symposium include all numerical techniques that 
have to be developed to *simulate and optimize metal forming processes*, 
which finite element calculations give rise to several specific 
difficulties. So, most existing numerical schemes cannot be 
straightforwardly utilized, and new numerical strategies often have to 
be specifically developed. A focus will be put on the numerical aspects 
of optimization methodologies: for metal forming applications, it can be 
required to develop new and specific strategies, first to set the 
optimization problem and then to extend existing optimization algorithms 
to the design of preform shapes, tool geometries, process parameters, 
material composition...

This mini-symposium is more particularly open to the following numerical 

    * Remeshing, adaptive remeshing, error estimation,
    * Contact treatment,
    * Finite element formulations, Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian
    * Multi-scale strategies,
    * Iterative solvers, parallel computations, multi-level algorithms,
    * Model reduction, metamodels,
    * Optimization algorithms, gradient calculation,
    * Uncertainties, stochastic approaches, ...

and to the following metal forming processes:

    * Forging, rolling, roll forming, drawing, extrusion,
    * Stamping, hydroforming, superplastic forming,
    * Friction and inertia welding, casting, thixoforming,
    * Blanking, machining, ...


 Jean-Philippe PONTHOT, Professeur
 Universite de Liege - Aerospatiale et Mecanique/LTAS-MN2L
 Institut de Mécanique  B52/3  (office +2/537)
 Chemin des Chevreuils, 1
 B-4000 Liege, BELGIUM

 Tel:   +32-(0)4-366 93 10       **         Fax:   +32-(0)4-366 91 41

 WWW:  http://www.ltas-mnl.ulg.ac.be/


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