[NotiAMCA] Fifth International PhD & DLA Symposium in Engineering

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Lun Jul 13 17:51:32 ART 2009

Dear Professor Sonzogni

Please pass the information below to Engineering PhD Students - for 
further details please email: steelivanyi en epito.bme.hu
Fifth International PhD & DLA Symposium in Engineering
19-20 October 2009, Pecs, Hungary

Organized by
University of Pecs, Pollack Mihaly Faculty of Engineering

The Fourth International PhD Symposium in Engineering is organized in 
2009 to provide Engineeering and Architecture PhD students with a 
special forum, in addition to their PhD programmes, to present the 
results of their ongoing research. These research results should be 
discussed in the light of proposals to continue the research. The 
First, Second, Third and Fourth International PhD Symposia were 
organized in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and this important tradition 
continues in 2009.

Objectives of the PhD Symposium

- to provide a forum for PhD students in engineering to present the 
progress of their work,
- to discuss the results of the ongoing PhD studies in order to 
support their future activity,
- to give the opportunity for PhD students to establish contact by 
international communication,
- to compare PhD studies in various countries.

This symposium includes oral presentations by the PhD students, which 
are immediately followed by discussions that are scheduled in the 
programme.  The main results of the studies are summarized in the 
Pollack Periodica (An International Journal for Engineering and 
Information Sciences) published by Akadamiai Kiado.

All of the abstracts and papers will be reviewed by the members of 
the Scientific Committee.

Organization of the symposium:
-The submitted abstracts have been organized into sessions.
-The duration of one presentation is strictly 10 minutes.
-The presentation (in PowerPoint) must be sent in advance to the organizers.
-There will be a 5 minute period after the presentation for 
questions. The reviewers (members of the SC) and other participants 
can also make remarks or ask questions.
- The full paper should be prepared after the Symposium using the 
template of the Pollack Periodica.
- The members of the SC will review the papers and made suggestions.
-  After the review process the paper must be corrected according to 
the notes of the reviewers.
- Finally the paper will be published in the Pollack Periodica.

Information for the PhD students:

- The Participation Fee is 120 Euro including Abstracts Book, taking 
part of the Sessions, symposium events.
- lunch and coffee will be provided for these two days and there will 
be a symposium dinner which is included.
- The travelling  and accommodation costs must be paid by the students.
- The Abstract will be sent to the Organising Committee.

Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions!

Prof. Miklos IVANYI, DSc.
Chairman of the Organising Committee
Department of Structural Engineering
Pollack Mihaly Faculty of Engineering
University of Pecs, PECS, HUNGARY
H-7624, Boszorkany u. 2.
E-mail: steelivanyi en epito.bme.hu

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