[NotiAMCA] CFP Special Session MULTIPHASE FLOWS, ENIEF 2013, Mendoza, Arg. Nov 18-22, 2013

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From: Larreteguy Axel Eduardo <alarreteguy en uade.edu.ar>
Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 2:40 PM

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

Special session on

                            MULTIPHASE FLOWS

to be held at

ENIEF 2013, XX Congreso sobre Métodos Numéricos y sus Aplicaciones
Mendoza, Argentina, November 18-22, 2013

TRACK DIRECTOR: Larreteguy, Axel Eduardo (Instituto de Tecnología, UADE, Arg.)

This session deals with algorithms, numerical techniques, and
scientific or industrial applications involving multiphase flows,
defined as the simultaneous flow of materials with different states or
phases (i.e. gas, liquid or solid) or with different chemical
properties but in the same state or phase (i.e. liquid-liquid systems
such as oil droplets in water).

Typical examples of this flow appear in:

    - Boiling and condensation processes
    - Phase separation processes
    - Riser reactors
    - Bubble column reactors
    - Fluidized bed reactors
    - Scrubbers, dryers, etc
    - Oil extraction and processing

The session focuses, particularly, on:

   a) new models and algorithms,
   b) benchmarking of models,
   c) novel applications.

General information on ENIEF 2013:


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