[NotiAMCA] Workshop on Shape and Topology Optimization with PDE Constraints

Victorio Sonzogni sonzogni en intec.unl.edu.ar
Lun Feb 10 12:35:40 ART 2014

Workshop on Shape and

Topology Optimization with PDE Constraints
In Celebration to the65th Birthday of Professor Jan Sokolowski
August 11-15, 2014, LNCC / MCT, Petrópolis - Rio deJaneiro, BRASIL

Dear Professor Victorio Sonzogni,
Shapeand Topology Optimization with PDE Constraints is an area of advanced researchthat has been recognized as a powerful framework applicable in optimizationdesign and control, inverse problems and mechanical modeling. The purpose ofthe workshop is to celebrate the 65th Birthday of Professor Jan Sokolowski, whohas made outstanding contributions to the field. The meeting will also servenaturally as a forum for presenting new theoretical developments andapplications of Sensitivity Analysis in the following topics: MultidisciplinarySensitivity Analysis; Optimal Design and Control; Multiobjective Optimization; InverseProblems; Mechanical Modeling; Asymptotic Analysis; Image Processing; FreeBoundary Problems and Optimization with PDE Constraints.
Theprogramme of the meeting will consist mainly of talks by the followingdistinguished invited speakers:
Samuel Amstutz, France
Alfredo Canelas, Uruguay
Michel Delfour, Canada
Bojan Guzina, USA
Antoine Henrot, France
MichaelHintermüller, Germany
IrenaLasiecka, USA
AntoineLaurain, France
GünterLeugering, Germany
Alexandre Madureira, Brazil
Gustavo Perla, Brazil
MichelPierre, France
PavelPlotnikov, Russia
JaimeRivera, Brazil 
NicolasVan Goethem, Italy
Andalso by the short courses below
AnIntroduction to the Topological Asymptotic Analysis. In Portuguese
Professor Antonio André Novotny, LNCC/MCT,Petrópolis, Brasil
RecentAdvances on the Topological Asymptotic Analysis. In English
ProfessorJan Sokolowski, IECN, Nancy, France
Sincethe workshop falls within the sphere of interest of the AMCA, we wouldbe very grateful if you could advertised the event on your Institution.
Lookingforward do hearing from you. Yours faithfully,
Antonio André Novotny, LNCC
Pedro Leite da Silva Dias, LNCC
Sebastián Giusti, UTN
Jairo Rocha de Faria, UFPB
Tathiana Tapajóz, LNCC
Av. Getúlio Vargas, 333
25.651-075, Petrópolis – RJ
Tel.: +55 (24) 2233-6101
E-mail: tathi en lncc.br

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  Tel.: 55 (24) 2233-6077  http://www.lncc.br/~novotny

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